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Matt Chiolino is a designer & developer living in Appleton, Wisconsin.

I enjoy things like web design, web development, graphic design, branding, strong coffee, and good beer.

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What I Do

UX Research

UX Research, or User Research means understanding whether or not your product is usable. I can offer a slew of research and testing options, whether that means we test your customers, people in your demographic, or some random dude in the coffee shop.

UI Design

Whether it's a mobile app, website, virtual reality dashboard, or something really cool I haven't even heard of yet, I would love to take on the creation of a unique user interface that impresses and becomes natural to anyone using it. When designing for the web, I always think mobile first, so the result is always something that is responsive and future-friendly.


A great architect is nothing without a great builder. I will take any design (be it my own or someone else's) from concept to code using standard, accessible technologies. I take care to be purposeful in selecting tools on a per-project basis, so you can be sure you're not getting just another cookie-cutter site.


Branding is more than just making things visually appealing. Making sure your company is communicating your unique values clearly is what is most important. Together, we will establish a consistent identity that fits your culture and leaves a lasting impression.

Logo Design

Just need a logo? No problem. We can get together and talk about the things that separate you from the rest of the field, and I'll come up with something to reflect that. I provide the design & then set you up to be able to use it for letterhead, mugs, stickers, t-shirts — whatever your heart desires.

P. S. if you were wondering, I'm a size medium.

UI Copy

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Don't know what that means? It's dummy content, which means you'd better start thinking of what should actually go there. Great copy is better for SEO and goes beyond cleverly crafted content. I'll make sure we're writing your HTML in a way that anybody, on any device, can read.


Often times, something that is sketched on a napkin or created in Photoshop doesn't end up the way it was designed once it becomes a real product; a great way to bridge the gap between design and development is to prototype. I'll help you put your ideas down into interactive prototypes that people can toy with before finalizing decisions. We'll work together to validate ideas and ultimately reach conclusions faster, resulting in a better product that's on-time and on-budget.

Style Guides

These are powerful tools for anyone touching a large website or brand. Construct one correctly and anyone can update a site with minimal issues; do it poorly (or not at all, as is usually the case), and you end up with seven different accordion widgets, a page that takes 15 seconds to load, and a sea of stakeholders asking, “what's up with the [really cool feature I needed put in because my teenager thought it would be ‘totes amazeballs’]”?